What is a segment value?

How do you create a segment value?


What is a segment value?


Each segment has segment values associated with it. For example, within the Department segment, the values would be HR, Administration, Customer Service, etc.


How to create a segment value?


After creating a segment, the next step is to create its values, you can create as many as you need: 

  1. In the left side menu, click on the "Users" area and click on the "Segments" section to access the list of segments

  2. Find the segment in which you want to add values

  3. Click on the segment or click on the "Three-dots vertical" button on the right and select the "Edit" option

  4. Click on the "Create segment value" button

  5. Write the name of the segment value

  6. Click on the “Browse File" button if you want to add a multimedia file (image or gif) to the segment value. Click on the "Trash" button to delete the file 

  7. Click on the "Three-point vertical" button on the right and select "Save" or select "Close" to cancel the creation of the segment value

  8. Click on any area of the left side menu or via the Segments > Edit Segment path at the top left to exit the value creation process

Note: The multimedia files associated with the segment values will be visible in the App's grouped rankings.


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