In order to ease user management, we recommend applying filters, sorting, searching or viewing them by groups: 

You can filter by:

  1. Segments and segment values: 

    • Click on the "Choose segment" section to open the drop-down menu

    • Select the segment value(s) you need

    • Click on the "Cancel" button to remove the selection

    • Click on the "Select all" button to select all the people in the list 

    • Click again on the "Choose segment" section to close the drop-down menu.

  2. Types of users:

    • Click on the "Select user type" section to open the drop-down menu

    • Select user type to filter by registered users by admin or self-registered users

You can sort users by: 

  1. Alphabetical order by username, email or name

  2. Those who have or do not have segment values 

  3. Those who are Admins, Theme Admins or both

  4. Date of creation

  5. In all cases, click on the "arrows" next to each column name to sort the user list

You can search users by:  

  1. Username or email

  2. Name

You can view users by:

  1. Groups of 10, 25, 50 or 100 users


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