If you need to export the Knowledge Dashboard in excel, it is very simple

  1. Go to the "Training" area on the left side menu to access the training history

  2. Search for the training in the training history

  3. Click on the name of the training or click on the "Three-dots vertical" button on the right and select “Show dashboard"

  4. On the Knowledge Dashboard:

    1. Click on the "Downward arrow cloud" button at the top right

    2. Find and open the folder on your PC where you want to download the template and click on "Save"

Note: You can export the individual Knowledge Dashboard of one training or the grouped Knowledge Dashboard of several trainings. In addition, if you apply other filters, such as segments or dates in the Administration Area, they will also be reflected in the exported Knowledge Dashboard. The Category filter does not apply.

Note: If the download process of a Knowledge Dashboard takes more than two minutes or the Excel has a very high number of rows, the Administration Area will return a download error. In this case, please contact the Costumer Care team via the "New support ticket" button on the top right and we will provide you with the file.


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