The rankings in Zapiens are lists of users ordered according to the points obtained during trainings. Points are updated in real-time. 

The rankings shown in the Knowledge Dashboard are:

  • Knowledge Ranking: Each user gets one point for each question correctly answered. The speed with which the questions are answered correctly is what makes the difference between the positions of people with the same points

  • Attendance Ranking: Each user gets one point for each day they participate in a training

  • Total Ranking: It is the sum of the points of the Knowledge Ranking and the Attendance Ranking

Within the Knowledge Ranking:

  1. Go to the "Rankings" section

  2. Click on each of the "Downward arrow cloud" buttons next to the name of each ranking: Knowledge, Attendance, Total

  3. Find the folder on your PC where you want to download the template and click on "Save"


Note: In the "Rankings" section you can filter the results by training, categories, segments and dates and download the excel according to the applied filter. 

Note: In the "Ranking" section you will be able to filter the results, at the Individual level and at the grouped by segment level, and download the excel according to the applied filter.

Note: In the Knowledge and Attendance rankings you can only view and download active users in the training, whereas in the Total ranking you can view and download all users.  

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